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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pro golf: Victorian Open leader DQ'ed

Golfers get disqualified from tournament competition for rules infractions. At the top level, it usually comes from a player not knowing they committed the penalty and were called out by a viewer that was sitting at home.

Well, how about the latest DQ in professional men's golf?

It wasn't because of the aforementioned viewer calling out the pro. Rather it's the pro failing to do the simplest of tasks: signing your scorecard.

New Zealander Nick Gillespie posted a 7-under par 65 that tied the course record at Thirteenth Beach Golf Links at the Victorian Open in Australia.

That was good for a two-shot lead heading into Friday's second round.

Except Gillespie didn't sign the scorecard and was promptly DQ'ed.

So local golfers should heed the above as a lesson: when playing tournament golf, double-check your scorecard and make sure you sign the card as well as sign for the correct scores on each hole.

Otherwise, you might cost yourself some big-time cash or a chance at a tournament title.

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