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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nicklaus shares story about Gary Player

EAST MANATEE - Jack Nicklaus came into town for business. His primary objective was to decide with co-designer Tony Jacklin and Concession Golf Club owner Bruce Cassidy Sr. what needs to be changed to the golf course.
But that didn't stop Nicklaus from offering this story about Gary Player:
"I had hurt my back and didn't play that year (at the Masters after it was lengthened)," Nicklaus said. "And Gary had come back at the Bear's Club in Jupiter ... and I said, 'Well Gary, how did you enjoy it?' - he shot 80-78. And he said, 'Oh Jack, you wouldn't believe how tough the golf course is. The golf course was just unbelievable. It was so tough. I was so proud of breaking 80.'"
"And I said, 'Gary Player, three times Masters Champion, you're proud of breaking 80? You should be ashamed of yourself.' And he said, 'No, no, no Jack. You don't realize how difficult this golf course was.'"
"And of course, Gary being my good friend, I threw him this little softball. I said, 'Well I suppose if that's the case, then I suppose that years ago if this course had been so, you would have never won the tournament.' About five seconds passed and he said, 'Oh yes I would have!'"
To read the full story on Nicklaus' visit, please read Thursday's edition of the Bradenton Herald.

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