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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just get it over with, Tiger

Tiger Woods long layoff is just about over. His return to competitive golf is this week at the Masters, the first major of the year.

So Masters Week, filled with tradition-laden events prior to the tournament unlike most events, begins Monday.

Woods will speak to media members in a full-fledged press conference at Augusta National.

Or will he?

First, Woods stayed quiet as revelations about his infidelities surfaced all over the tabloids, gossip magazines and traditional media outlets.

Then Woods had a controlled apology speech that aired live on television, opposite the tour's World Golf Championship's Match Play Championship.

Woods followed that up with exclusive interviews with ESPN and the Golf Channel, under a brief time limit.

Now he's speaking to the media.

But guess what?

We're in for another controlled atmosphere, because Augusta National is only letting in one reporter for each news outlet, with few exceptions.

Tiger just needs to let everyone ask him the questions he's avoided, get it over with, and then the golf world can move on.

Then, maybe, we can get back to watching golf.

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