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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ochoa's early retirement isn't unique

Lorena Ochoa's recent retirement announcement came as quite a shocker to LPGA followers.

Ochoa is just 28-years-old, which isn't quite the age golfers retire - just ask Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus or the countless others who have continued to impact the game past 50.

However, Ochoa is following the path set forth by the Annika Sorenstam, the tour's dominating golfer prior to Ochoa's arrival as the LPGA's driving force.

And she isn't the only golfer - male or female - to retire from the sport before the age of 30, which is usually the prime of a golfer's career.

Legendary golfer, Bobby Jones, retired from the sport at the same age as Ochoa.

Jones conquered the golf world with the grand slam in 1930. He won the United States and British opens as well as both the U.S. and British amateurs.

Nobody has won all four major championships in the same year since Jones - the closest was Tiger Woods' "Tiger Slam" when held all four titles at the same time in 2000-01.

But, Jones was an amateur during a time when professional golfers were frowned upon.

It'd be unheard of in the modern game for a male professional to retire so early, but for Ochoa it isn't.

Mainly, because she said she wants to start a family.

You could hardly blame her, the question now becomes what does the family she's leaving behind, the LPGA Tour, do for a star.

Only time will tell.

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