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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What we learned

Tiger Woods had his long-awaited press conference Monday afternoon. But, what did we learn from the 14-time major winner?

He said he'll tone down his reactions on each shot, whether it's a fist-pump for a good one or a club tossing for a bad one.

Woods said when he thought he wasn't playing golf in the near-future during his February public apology.

Woods said he has never taken an illegal drug. He added he was never given HGH or PEDs from Dr. Anthony Galea, and visited Galea about helping him recover with PRPs and from his achilles tendon injury sustained in 2008, because there's a comfort level knowing a doctor has treated athletes before.

In a nutshell, we didn't learn much. It's all the same stuff that's been rehashed since the Thanksgiving car crash.

Woods answered some questions like a politician would, while directly answering others.

El Tigre not playing in The Masters is about as unlikely as Augusta National not doling out a green jacket to the winner.

A colleague of mine brought up a good point, if Woods misled the public about the type of person he really was for the past five years, then why would we believe he's changed and not misleading us all now?

It's food for thought, but hopefully we can all just get to the important stuff, like watching this year's Masters.

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