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Sunday, March 18, 2012

College golf: Callaway Collegiate Match Play first round results

The Callaway Collegiate Match Play is underway at The Concession Golf Club in East Manatee.

The tournament features 16 teams battling it out on the Tony Jacklin/Jack Nicklaus designed course.

Action began on Sunday with first round and second round play. The event continues on Monday with third-round matches, before play concludes on Tuesday with final round matches.

It was earlier reported here that Peter Uihlein, the former IMG Academies standout and U.S. Amateur champ, was playing for the Oklahoma State University Cowboys.

That was incorrect as Uihlein elected to turn professional before his final semester of college golf.

He made his pro debut in the United Arab Emirates earlier this year on the European Tour.

Nonetheless, there is still top-notch programs competing at the Concession.

First round results can be found below:

Team Results
(1) Arkansas def. (16) Washington State, 3-2
(9) East Carolina def. (8) Iowa, 2.5-2.5*
*East Carolina wins margin of victory tiebreaker 6 holes to 5
(4) Oklahoma State def. (13) Colorado State, 3.5-1.5
(5) Chattanooga def. (12) South Florida, 4-1
(3) Duke def. (14) Arizona State, 3.5-1.5
(6) Indiana def. (11) Kennesaw State, 3.5-1.5
(10) Tennessee def. (7) Liberty, 3-2
(2) California def. (15) UNCW, 3-2

Individual Match Results
(1) Arkansas def. (16) Washington State, 3-2
Sang Lee, Washington State def. Ethan Tracy, Arkansas, 3 and 1
Sebastian Cappelen, Arkansas def. Trent Sanders, Washington State, 3 and 2
Hank Frame, Washington State def. Austin Cook, Arkansas, 2 and 1
Kolton Crawford, Arkansas def. Michael Anderson, Washington State, 1-up
Thomas Sorensen, Arkansas def. Kent Hagen, Washington State, 3 and 1

(9) East Carolina def. (8) Iowa, 2.5-2.5*
Harold Varner, East Carolina halved Barrett Kelpin, Iowa
Steven Ihm, Iowa def. Adam Stephenson, East Carolina, 3 and 1
Chris Brant, Iowa def. David Watkins, East Carolina, 2 and 1
Ryan Eibner, East Carolina def. Ian Vandersee, Iowa, 3 and 2
Eric Brady, East Carolina def. Brian Bullington, Iowa, 3 and 1
*East Carolina wins margin of victory tiebreaker 6 holes to 5

(4) Oklahoma State def. (13) Colorado State, 3.5-1.5
Talor Gooch, Oklahoma State halved Zahkai Brown, Colorado State
Kirby Pettitt, Colorado State def. Sean Einhaus, Oklahoma State, 1-up
Brad Gehl, Oklahoma State def. Cameron Harrell, Colorado State, 1-up
Patrick Winther, Oklahoma State def. Mike Wuertz, Colorado State, 2-up
Tanner Kesterson, Oklahoma State def. Parker Edens, Colorado State, 2-up

(5) Chattanooga def. (12) South Florida, 4-1
Trey Valentine, South Florida def. Stephan Jaeger, Chattanooga, 5 and 4
Steven Fox, Chattanooga def. Branden Collins, South Florida, 4 and 3
Benjamin Weilguni, Chattanooga def. Devin Hernandez, South Florida, 3 and 1
Liam Johnston, Chattanooga def. Rick Kittelstad, South Florida, 7 and 5
Chris Robb, Chattanooga def. Bodi Karsono, South Florida, 4 and 3

(3) Duke def. (14) Arizona State, 3.5-1.5
Julian Suri, Duke def. Spencer Fletcher, Arizona State, 4 and 2
Brinson Paolini, Duke def. Mathias Schjoelberg, Arizona State, 3 and 2
Austin Cody, Duke def. Stan Gautier, Arizona State, 5 and 4
Austin Quick, Arizona State def. Yaroslav Merkoluv Duke, 2 and 1
Tim Gornik, Duke halved Cameron Palmer, Arizona State

(6) Indiana def. (11) Kennesaw State, 3.5-1.5
Chase Wright, Indiana def. Matt Nagy, Kennesaw State, 1-up
Jeff Karlsson, Kennesaw State def. David Mills, Indiana, 6 and 5
Brant Peaper, Indiana def. Jimmy Beck, Kennesaw State, 3 and 1
Corey Ziedonis, Indiana halved Ben Greene, Kennesaw State
David Erdy, Indiana def. Peder Hermansson, Kennesaw State, 4 and 2

(10) Tennessee def. (7) Liberty, 3-2
Robert Karlsson Liberty def. Garrick Porteous Tennessee, 3 and 1
Jay Vandeventer, Tennessee def. Ian McConnell, Liberty, 1-up
Chase Marineli, Liberty def. Brandon Rodgers, Tennessee, 4 and 3
Rick Lamb, Tennessee def. Max McKay, Liberty, 4 and 3
Marshall Talkington, Tennessee def. Niklas Lindstrom, Liberty, 4 and 3

(2) California def. (15) UNCW, 3-2
Max Homa, California def. Thomas Bass, UNCW, 2 and 1
Payne McLeod, UNCW def. Michael Kim, California, 5 and 4
Ryan Nagy, UNCW def. Joel Stalter, California, forfeit
Brandon Hagy, California def. Stefan Brewer, UNCW, 9 and 7
Keelan Kilpatrick, California def. Patrick Sawrey, UNCW, 2 and 1

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