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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Masters Week: Barack Obama weighs in on male-only Augusta National rule

Masters Week is every golf fan's Super Bowl. It's the first major and officially ushers in spring time.

But the Masters is also linked with the same venue that hosts the magical tournament each year: Augusta National.

And Augusta National is a male-only exclusive private club.

Augusta National has handed out a membership to the past four CEO's of IBM, a title sponsor to the Masters.

IBM's CEO happens to be a woman now.

And since it's 2012, Augusta National should budge off the male only stance and finally admit a woman, if not many others, into their exclusive hallowed halls.

It isn't just yours truly that feels this way. The President of the United States has even weighed in.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Barack Obama believes women should be admitted as members of Augusta National.

This isn't the first time that male-only club has received national spotlight for its rules.

Martha Burk attempted to get Augusta National to add a female member 10 years ago via a protest during the Masters.

Locally, Gator Creek Golf Club in east Sarasota County is a male-only private club.

To read the full story about Obama's stance, check out the Bradenton Herald here.

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